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Private And Group Lessons Available

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Private one-on-one Lesson
Semi-Private Lesson for two
Lesson For Group of 3
Lesson For Group of 4+ Base Price for 4 People

Learn to Surf From a Pro with Surfing Lessons on Maui In Lahaina, Hawaii

If you want to tame a wave, learn from a pro. If you’re going to find the best wave for a surf lesson, ask a local where to go. At Local Pros, we will give you the best of both worlds in one of the most beautiful places on the planet. The Island of Maui in Lahaina, Hawaii.

Surfing Lessons Taught By Local Professionals

Our teachers are not only incredible professional surfers with thousands of waves under their belts, but they’re also competent surf instructors. These pros can take on an individual student for a fun and private surf lesson, delivering knowledge and wisdom only a local surfer can give. We also provide private group lessons of four or more with the pleasant grace of a Hawaiian breeze, ensuring each student gets an exciting and productive surf lesson they’ll never forget.


Surfers of all skill levels benefit from surfing lessons. Even the most accomplished professionals still take surfing lessons to keep improving and gain some local insight into where the best spots on Maui might be.

The pros are always fun to work with, but we love coaching beginners too. Our primary goal is to teach beginners to stand up and ride a wave during their very first surfing lesson. But you’ll have to know where the best beginner surf spots are. We’ll give your

Experiencing the reward of getting up and feeling the Hawaiian wind on one’s face while the waves crash and the Sun shines is something we hope everybody, regardless of age, creed, or anything else, can get to experience. All you need is the will to get out there and surf a wave. That’s why we give people everything they require to succeed, have fun, and feel comfortable out there in the warm Maui water. We provide everything, including a surfboard, surf shoes, and a rash guard.

So, whether you’re just getting into surfing, have some experience, or are a competition-level professional, we have tons to offer you.

Surf Lessons Priorities: Fun, Learning, and Safety

Nothing is more meaningful to me than helping others expand their lives through the experience of surfing. Lahaina, Hawaii, is my home, and if I can give anything back to this place for providing me with a breathtaking life, it’s surf lessons. Not just any old instruction either. I jam-pack your time with awesome local spots, encouraging and positive words, and a safe environment. Only a true Hawaiian local can provide you with the knowledge and insight to ensure all three of those things.

I know these waters like the back of my hand, and I cannot stress enough the importance of awareness when it comes to safety. There are plenty of do’s and don’ts of safety that lots of teachers can tell you. But only my local expertise can provide a subtle understanding of specific landscapes and things to look out for on the island when it comes to staying safe. So please, don’t go out there blind. Take surfing lessons from a local pro and know you or your loved ones are going to have a secure experience.

Local Pros Maui Surf Lessons

It’s time to book your spot. We get tons of happy customers who keep coming back and recommending us to their friends. They know us and trust us because we give everyone that once-in-a-lifetime experience only a Local and Professional Surfer could provide.

Catch some waves. Feel that warm Hawaiian water. Enjoy your life. Have fun.

Sign up today with Local Pros Maui in Lahaina, Hawaii.