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Abscond to Maui and Take a Group Surfing Lesson

Welcome to the ultimate group surf experience with Local Pros Maui, where the spirit of Aloha meets the thrill of the warm rolling waves. Suppose you want to take your family on an exhilarating outing or have a ball with some friends. Local Pros Maui’s group surf lessons provide people the opportunity to enjoy the enlivening sport of surfing together.

Group Surfing Lessons: Together We Ride

Surf lessons are not just about learning to stand or refine your understanding of the local spots (though no one will complain about either); it’s about connecting with people and feeling what so many Hawaiians have felt when riding a wave and looking over to find their best friends smiling back and smiling in the glistening Sunlight. People typing in surf lessons near me will find that their expectations for the day will be far exceeded when put into a group of people who often never forget each other. And it all happens here in one of the most beautiful places on this planet, Lahaina, HI.


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Local Pros is the way to go for surf lessons in Maui! Kevin was very helpful and pleasant to speak to when making plans, and the two instructors, Tanner and Taylor, were WONDERFUL. They emphasized safety first, got us all up on our boards in the water, and it was so fun we ended up booking another lesson! Next time, we will be booking a week straight!

– Jenna F | Google


Kevin very helpful over the phone and Chazz an AMAZING instructor with LOTS OF PATIENCE with me as a first timer and my son with little experience, Danielle took lots of very nice pictures for our family memories. Definitely 100% recommended, you won’t be disappointed!!! KEEP UP THE GOOD VIBES GUYS!!!🤙🏄‍♂️

– Alvaro B | Google
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My kids and I took an hour and a half lesson from Taylor and loved it. The whole booking process was very smooth and the company and experience was well run organized. Instructor was perfect and great with the kids. I initially thought an hour and a half would be short, and even though I am pretty active and work out every day, I was ready to take a long break after 90 minutes. So fun. Great pics and video from their camera person who was also very cool. We would def use Local Pros again. Do it!

– Ryan D | Google
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Professional, SAFE, fun. The boys had a blast. I think you all planted a love of surfing in our older son. His exact words were “I felt so alive out there in the ocean on the surf board.” My husband and I were thrilled at the smiles and laughing. Every day in Maui has been magical but this was the best one of them all. Thank you so much.

– Maryam S | Google
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We had Kevin as our instructor for the lesson. Started off with 15 minutes on the beach, learning safety and the basics. Once we were out on the water, my 11 year old son and I both caught and rode waves multiple times! Between waves, Kevin gave us helpful tips on refining techniques and reading waves. The was a top notch A+ excursion.

– Jeffrey A | Google

What Local Pros Maui Offers

All of our group surf classes are tailored to each participant, regardless of their skill level. Our instructors pay serious mind to each student, ensuring everyone has their fair share of attention and personalization. Our group surfing lessons in Hawaii fit a collective pace that keeps everybody engaged and progressing, maintaining big smiles and memorable waves.

Lesson Pricing for Groups

Our group lessons reflect the value of experiencing and learning with a team, alongside the added advantage of having an instructor take time for each person in order to guide them based on their needs. We have very competitive pricing that will make your time out on the waves worthwhile. We aim to inspire you to keep surfing for hours after finishing the lesson, getting better, and enjoying your time out in the water as it was meant to be!

Expert Guidance for Groups of Excited Students

Local Pros Maui lives up to its name. Our instructors bring years of professional competitive surfing experience to the pedagogical table with student improvement and joy in mind. During your surf lesson, our pros provide tips and feedback to keep you in the water radiant with happiness and empowered with the knowledge to keep you safe. With our years of credible expertise as locals in Maui, our surf lessons become their own unique adventure for explorers seeking something more than just a class; it’s an unforgettable experience.

Book a Group Surfing Lesson Today

If you’re here, you’re ready to get out there and catch some warm waves in Hawaii. Book your surf class with Local Pros Maui and make your Hawaii surfing lessons something that will not only improve your surfing skills but will add to you as a balanced human being in this world. Both Hawaii locals and foreign visitors are more than welcome to sign up for a session and enrich themselves with some quality surf lessons from genuine professionals. Call (808) 870-2438 or book with us online to secure your place in our next surf lesson session.

Group Surf Lessons in Hawaii: A Community Experience

The team at Local Pros Maui knows that surfing is more than just a sport; it’s an experience that has the potential to cultivate a friendship or even an intimate connection that could mark our time together as something to be recalled in a scrapbook. As a respected name among Maui surf riders, we promise to deliver the best surf lessons that can be found.

Come out, try something new, hop in the water, and book a lesson. Nobody walks away from a surf lesson with us without a grin spread from ear to ear.