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Private Surf Lessons at Local Pros Maui

Discover the Art of Surfing in Maui, a spiritual homeland for surfers, offers the ideal backdrop for an unforgettable surf lesson. At Local Pros Maui, we specialize in private surf lessons in Maui by providing a unique and personal Hawaiian island surf experience. If you just typed in private lessons near me or came straight to us because of recommendations, you’ve found the right place for incredible surf lessons. Our team teaches renowned surf classes that will guide you by way of wave through this paradisical island.

Tailored Private Surfing Lessons for All Seekers

Our surf lessons transcend the average introduction to surfing class; they dive deep into the sport’s meaningful way of interacting with nature. Local Pros’ surf lessons in Hawaii are curated to cater to individual needs, making them a perfect class for anyone looking for a focused and personalized approach to learning how to surf. We welcome all ages and skill levels, from newer surfers to seasoned pros, ensuring that all who pursue this sacred sport have a chance to feel the thrill of catching a wave in these bathtub-warm waters.

What Local Pros Offers: The Full Surfing Experience

In each private surf lesson, we give you everything you need for an easy and seamless day at the beach. Our inclusive packages come with a premium surfboard, surf shoes, and a rash guard, catering to your comfort and safety. The surf instructors at Local Pros are not only experts in the field but also embody the spirit of Maui surf riders.

Lesson Costs: Worthwhile Value and Credible Expertise

Our pricing is competitive and fair when it comes to surf lessons in Hawaii. It reflects our high-quality instruction and professional-level staff, who have worked hard for years to design a personalized experience for every client we come across. Choose from our plethora of lesson formats, whether it’s a one-on-one session or a small group setting.


surfing board


Local Pros is the way to go for surf lessons in Maui! Kevin was very helpful and pleasant to speak to when making plans, and the two instructors, Tanner and Taylor, were WONDERFUL. They emphasized safety first, got us all up on our boards in the water, and it was so fun we ended up booking another lesson! Next time, we will be booking a week straight!

– Jenna F | Google


Kevin very helpful over the phone and Chazz an AMAZING instructor with LOTS OF PATIENCE with me as a first timer and my son with little experience, Danielle took lots of very nice pictures for our family memories. Definitely 100% recommended, you won’t be disappointed!!! KEEP UP THE GOOD VIBES GUYS!!!🤙🏄‍♂️

– Alvaro B | Google
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My kids and I took an hour and a half lesson from Taylor and loved it. The whole booking process was very smooth and the company and experience was well run organized. Instructor was perfect and great with the kids. I initially thought an hour and a half would be short, and even though I am pretty active and work out every day, I was ready to take a long break after 90 minutes. So fun. Great pics and video from their camera person who was also very cool. We would def use Local Pros again. Do it!

– Ryan D | Google
surfing board


Professional, SAFE, fun. The boys had a blast. I think you all planted a love of surfing in our older son. His exact words were “I felt so alive out there in the ocean on the surf board.” My husband and I were thrilled at the smiles and laughing. Every day in Maui has been magical but this was the best one of them all. Thank you so much.

– Maryam S | Google
surfing board


We had Kevin as our instructor for the lesson. Started off with 15 minutes on the beach, learning safety and the basics. Once we were out on the water, my 11 year old son and I both caught and rode waves multiple times! Between waves, Kevin gave us helpful tips on refining techniques and reading waves. The was a top notch A+ excursion.

– Jeffrey A | Google

Expert Guidance: Tips You’ll Receive During Your Surf Class

The Local Pros Maui surf school is dedicated to making sure your surf lesson experience is effective, delightful, and safe. Hawaii surfing lessons require a genuine local to understand the waters and what’s under them in order to keep you safe and secure. You’ll improve your skills and build confidence knowing you can trust the space and your instructor.

Join The Wave: Book Your Surf Lesson Today

Get to Maui and start your island surf journey with Local Pros Maui. Whether you’re looking for private surf lessons near Lahaina, HI, or more regular surf school (surfschulen) in Hawaii, we’re going to make sure you refine your techniques or even catch your first wave. Book your surf lesson online or call (808) 870-2438 to get started. You can also email us at, and we’ll be sure to get you surfing happily across our beautiful island.

More Than Just Lessons

We offer more than just private surfing lessons. We craft immersive experiences that capture the grandeur of Maui surf and sup. Tailored to your skill level and ideals, our lessons are your gateway to becoming a part of Maui’s vibrant surfing community.