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Surfing Moves to Know for a Realistic Experience

Learning Surfing Moves

Maui is the enchanting Hawaiian island renowned for its stunning beaches and world-class surf breaks, offers an idyllic setting for surfers of all skill levels. If you’re planning to ride the waves in Maui and truly immerse yourself in the exhilarating surf culture, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with some key surfing moves. Here are the top essential surfing maneuvers we will teach you that will not only enhance your experience, but they will also help you navigate the powerful waves of Maui like a seasoned pro!

Paddling and Duck Diving

Before you can catch the perfect wave, you need to master the art of paddling. Paddling efficiently and effectively is key to positioning yourself in the lineup and gaining momentum to catch waves. Practice your paddling technique, utilizing long, smooth strokes and maintaining a balanced body position.

Additionally, learning to duck dive is essential for maneuvering through the powerful whitewater. This technique involves submerging the front of your board underwater as a wave approaches, allowing you to pass beneath it and conserve energy.


The pop-up is the fundamental move for getting from a prone position to standing up on your surfboard. Practice the motion of smoothly pushing up with your hands, simultaneously swinging your back foot forward and planting it firmly on the tail of the board, while your front foot lands between your hands. The pop-up should be quick, fluid, and seamless, enabling you to swiftly transition from lying down to an upright stance, ready to ride the wave.

Bottom Turn

The bottom turn is a fundamental maneuver that allows you to redirect your board and generate speed along the face of the wave. As you approach the bottom of the wave, shift your weight to your toes, lean into the turn, and use your back arm to guide your board. This motion will initiate a smooth, controlled turn, propelling you back up the face of the wave with increased speed and power.


The cutback is a classic move used to change direction on a wave, allowing you to maintain the wave’s energy and prolong your ride. As you approach the top section of the wave, shift your weight onto your heels, pivot your board towards the wave’s breaking section, and initiate a sweeping turn. By utilizing your body and arm movements, you can redirect your board back towards the wave’s power source, continuing your ride with style and finesse.


The off-the-lip maneuver is a dynamic and visually impressive move that involves riding up the face of the wave, launching off the lip, and executing a quick turn or aerial maneuver. As you approach the lip of the wave, extend your legs, compress your body, and generate upward momentum. Just as you reach the top, release the energy and initiate a powerful turn or aerial trick, showcasing your creativity and skill.

Tube Riding

Tube riding, also known as getting barreled, is the ultimate goal for many surfers. It requires skill, timing, and a deep connection with the wave. As the wave starts to barrel and form a tube, position yourself near the critical section. As you enter the barrel, crouch low, maintain your balance, and keep your eyes focused ahead. Adjust your weight and body position to stay in the pocket of the wave, enjoying the incredible sensation of being encapsulated by the crashing water around you.

Surfing in Maui is an unparalleled experience, offering waves that cater to surfers of all levels and a vibrant surf culture that embraces the beauty of the ocean. By learning these essential surfing moves, you will move like a pro!

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