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Learn To Surf To Embrace Both Salt & Sea In Maui

Kids Learning To Surf

Maui is a gorgeous island in Hawaii known for its clear water and great waves. It has the best sandy beaches for people who have never surfed before and those who want to take a few more lessons to perfect their surfing skills. This is why learning to surf in Maui is a must-do activity. Let’s see what surfing in Maui is all about and how you can embrace the sea and salt.

Ideal Waves

There is a wide variety of waves in Maui, ranging from the learner’s waves to the difficult ones for the professional surfer. The coast of the island is diverse and there are various kinds of waves that surfers of all levels can ride. For novices, some beaches have petty waves which are ideal to learn from because they are not overwhelming. While beginners can enjoy the small waves, those persons who have more experience can go to the areas where the waves are larger and more powerful.

Warm Water

The water surrounding Maui is tropical, therefore warm throughout the year and one can surf without having to wear a wetsuit. There is probably no better experience than when surfing in the warm and crystal water in Hawaii.

Scenic Beauty

If you are surfing in Maui then know that you are in a position to enjoy great views. The scenery of the green hills and blue sky makes every time one spends on the water a feast to the eyes. It is the kind of experience that will make you feel that you are surfing and enjoying the natural wonders of Maui at the same time.

Surf Culture

Maui itself has a very deep-rooted history in surfing that dates back to many centuries. Surfing is indigenous to Hawaii and therefore learning to surf in Hawaii is definitely partaking in a historical activity. There is a great and friendly culture of surfing among the locals. Of course, you’ll soon be part of this tradition as you progress through learning and development of your surfing experience.

Choosing the Right Surf School


Find a surf school that has many positive reviews and a good reputation on the market. There are several platforms such as TripAdvisor or Yelp where you can search for the review or you can ask for recommendations from people in that area. A good school will have testimonies from past clients and will have been known to deliver good lessons.

Certified Instructors

Ensure the instructors are qualified and have adequate experience in teaching. Good instructors would make sure you are trained on the basics in a safe and efficient manner. They should have accreditation from standard surfing bodies, and have adequate knowledge in water safety. Professionals can help you build confidence and skills in the water.

Group vs. Private Lessons

Choose if you would like a group lesson or a private one. Group lessons are typically less expensive and enjoyable if taken with friends; however, private lessons provide additional focused attention. In a group lesson, you will also have the benefit of being with other people learning together and sharing the experience. When learning in a group, especially in a large class, the teacher may not have time to attend to each student individually, therefore the student may not be given special attention that he or she needs to improve on their performance which is why private lessons are very important.

Our Professional Surfers At Local Pros Maui Will Help You Learn To Ride The Waves

At Local Pros Maui, we Surf Lessonoffer surfing lessons in Lahaina, Maui, HI and we are the number one surfing school for learners. We have professional surfing instructors that will assist you to become the best surfer that you want to be.

Whether you are a complete novice who wants to learn to ride your first wave or a more advanced surfer who wants to improve your skills, our lessons are designed for you. Our instructors are very professional in teaching the individuals to make them get the best of their time surfing while at the same time being safe. If you are interested in learning how to surf, then you can contact us at (808) 870-2438 to take surf lessons so that you can be that confident surfer. Come master the waves now!